Flying American Eagle / No Banner

    Flying American Eagle / No Banner


      The American Eagle piece is the perfect piece for true patriots who love their country... or just want a bad ass piece of metal art! The wings are styled with the American Flag.



      • Approximately 10"
      • Approximately 18"
      • Approximately 24"
      • Approximately 30"
      • Approximately 36"

      Quality Materials

      • Steel - We carefully selected a highly durable, 18 gauge cold-rolled steel for this product, which is heavy enough to withstand a lifetime of use but light enough to manage and hang safely in a wide range of places.
      • Paint - This item is hand-painted in a vibrant red and blue!
      • Powder Coat - The powder coating process involves three basic steps: part preparation or the pre-treatment, the powder application, and curing. This creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint, making your piece safe for both indoor and outdoor use!

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